About Ascent Research Group

Our business is focused on scouting for the latest innovations and scientific breakthroughs and turning them into effective high-quality products that make a real difference in important areas of consumer’s lifestyle.

We acquire technological licenses from independent research organizations leveraging their expertise in research and development allowing us to focus on creating high-quality products and marketing.

Social responsibility

We believe in communicating honestly and openly with our investors and partners about our business practices and our entrepreneurial initiatives.
We strive to create value through innovation discovery

We partner with highly talented researchers, product developers and marketers. We believe that talented and hardworking people are the essence to our success. These are the areas that we specialize in:

  Scouting for scientific breakthroughs

  Researching new consumer trends

  New technology license acquisition

  Product development

  Marketing and e-commerce
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Measuring Variability Factors in Consumer Values for Profit Optimization in a Firm – A Framework for Analysis.

This paper develops the framework for measuring the consumer values in reference to establish the long run relationship by the firm and optimize its profit levels.
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